“The sea… a fisherman when sails neither knows when he returns nor if he stays”

Brazilian composer Dorival Caymmi, could write
the lyrics above in total different way if had lived
in 21st century. With today’s technology it is possible to communicate and be in touch from anywhere you may be, and still have access to
all the information and services available to the
on-land world.

We are focused on service and support for the maritime environment and hard-to-reach areas, MARESTE is ready to deploy technicians and equipment in order to guarantee reliable offshore telecommunications.

Relying on highly skilled professionals with over
a decade of experience working offshore in the
Oil & Gas and maritime verticals, MARESTE can outperform in telecom projects, equipment sales, installation and commissioning, as well as repair
and maintenance of virtually any kind of Transmit/Receive (TX/RX) and TV Recive Only (TVRO) stabilized antenna systems.

MARESTE is focused on results and responsibly driven, committed to the customer’s full satisfaction thru the technical and logistics capabilities of our team. Our Company fulfills and complies with all safety working norms and procedures worldwide.

We provide service for end-customers and satellite services providers with the same efficiency and quality of service.